Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium

Jack, the charmer

Who can resist this charming harbour porpoise when he comes down to the underwater viewing area to swim from window to window and check out his visitors? It gets even better when Jack is in a playing mood and wants to play peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek. And who does not want to do that?! He definitely […]

A harbour seal waiting for his training session to begin

Three handsome harbour seals

All three male harbour seals¬†Apollo, DaVinci and Hermes were waiting expectantly for their training session to start and therefore peeked out of the water a lot. When their trainers arrived, they came out of the water, followed their instructions and showed some behaviours for which they were rewarded with some delicious fish. After their training […]

A very excited Jack

A very cute Jack

Just look at all those pictures. Isn’t Jack the cutest harbour porpoise ever – apart from Daisy, of course?! Whenever he comes down to have a look at his visitors, he gets all the attention, especially when he is playing with them. It is always so much fun to watch this cutie!

Daisy checking out the cameras and her visitors

Daisy is a pro

Whenever Daisy comes down to the underwater viewing area, she is looking for the biggest lenses. Having found the one she likes most, she starts posing for pictures – and does that very professionally. Probably she can see herself in the lens, and therefore is checking herself out?! But this is so cute to watch!

Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium

A very playful Jack

Jack was in a really good mood today and came down to the underwater viewing area – a lot! As if that was not great enough, he even seemed to enjoy playing peek-a-boo. Of course, he was a favourite among his visitors. But you cannot deny that he is super cute – and he probably […]

Qila enjoying herself at the Vancouver Aquarium

Beautiful belugas

Aurora and her daughter Qila are two really amazing animals who can either be watched from the underwater viewing area (a favourite spot for many visitors, including me) or during one of their training sessions in which they show some of their behaviours. But when choosing a seat, be aware of the splash zone! Why? […]