Are you looking at me? (Hope at the Vancouver Aquarium)

Hello penguins

It is always great to see those seven African penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium. They often stand together, and usually, when one of them does something like walking in the other direction, the others follow him or her. This time, however, they were just standing in mostly one spot and relaxing.

Helen saying hi

Hi Helen!

Helen, one of the Pacific white-sided dolphins at the Vancouver Aquarium, was enjoying herself in the  smaller and more shallow part of their habitat whereas Hana was somehow not to be seen.  

Hello Jack

Hello Jack!

Meet Jack, one of the two harbour porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium. The first few minutes – or were it hours? – Jack was just enjoying himself and swimming to the other side of his and Daisy’s habitat to see what Daisy was doing. But then he came down to say hi to us too! […]